A brief history of mine pt. 1

When I finished Space Drill back in 2015, I was really excited. I started working on a much bigger project, this time dedicated for PC. I had a prototype up and running in about 2 months, but then things slowed down.

It was clear I had no experience in launching a product of that size on my own, moreover it was a multiplayer project and while the networking quality was great for a prototype, it was not fit for release. I decided it was time to try getting into the game industry for real.
I applied for a QA Tester position at a big gaming company in another city and got an interview. It went smoothly and they liked me so much they wanted to hire me right away. I was asked “When can you start?”. Being inexperienced of course I said “As soon as you need!”. “Great, then see you on Monday”.

It was Friday.
My life turned upside down.
I suddenly had to move to another city, find a flat and start a new job all in a matter of days. Needless to say I survived, thanks to my brother who lived there and could take me in for a few weeks. Finally I got myself a tiny flat with no windows.

Working as a Quality Assurance Tester was… interesting. Of course It’s unlike anything you imagine about it. “Wow, you get paid for playing games? That’s like a dream job!”. Yeah, no. The tasks were harsh, the people were great, but that’s a topic for another post entirely. The most important thing I learned there was about myself. After writing many bug reports and getting responses from developers on the other side it was clear to me. I want to be on the other side. I want to create.

I tripled my efforts and studied really hard – Object Oriented Programming, C#, Unity3D. I made many small desktop programs, apps, games while learning. Three months after I started working as a QA Tester I made another bold decision.

I decided to quit.
In hindsight, I don’t regret it one bit.

To be continued…