Space Drill

Space Drill is my first game released on Android in 2015.
It’s completely free and you can download it from the Play Store.


When I started developing Space Drill I had no knowledge of programming or releasing a product. It took me a few months of learning and tinkering and the result is the game now published on the Play Store.

In Space Drill your task is to drill through the enemy space station and destroy its core. Touch left and right to dodge obstacles coming your way. Keep an eye out for the Heat level of your drill – you can’t let it overheat before reaching the core! Catch powerups to help you proceed.
Each new level is guarded by a thick panel of armor that you have to drill through. The closer to the core, the faster the game is and the deadlier new enemies are.

Beat your highscore and compete with players worldwide!

The graphical assets for Space Drill were designed by Maciek Łazowski.
The music and sound effects of Space Drill were designed by Patryk Jusiński.